Welcome to the Website of Dr. Wendy Garson

Abstract Blue EyeIf you need vision care in the northern Va/metro DC area, Dr. Garson has the expertise and diagnostic skills that you are looking for. Dr. Garson has a general practice that emphasizes behavioral optometric care. This type of holistic care is functionally and developmentally based to resolve all types of visual problems. Glasses, prisms, contact lenses, and visual therapy are all available through the practice.

The types of patients that Dr. Garson sees are varied. Many patients are in need of routine vision care such as annual visual exams and contact lenses. These patients benefit too from the type of care provided by a doctor who looks at the whole person and how they function in their daily environment. Other patients come with a history of visual problems that never were adequately addressed in the past; children who are having difficulty learning or staying on task because their vision can not stay on task, or even professional athletes who want to excel in their sport by gaining that extra edge.

Every person deserves a behavioral or functional/developmental look at how well they are doing when it comes to their vision.