Vision Therapy

Medical Eye ModelOptometric vision therapy is a program of treatment that uses lenses, prisms and specialized procedures to treat a host of visual problems. These problems range from strabismus and amblyopia, to learning related visual problems, and to eye movement disorders. Poor tracking abilities, poor depth perception, visual processing and visual memory problems are very common symptoms of many visual dysfunctions that are treatable with therapy that is individualized to the patient.  Vision therapy is a guided course in vision development where all of the visual skills and abilities are developed. As in any area of development, treatment starts at developing the basic skills necessary for efficient visual function and moves the patient toward better and more effective visual processing through more complex and intense therapy procedures. Visual therapy sessions consist of 55 minutes of therapy. Often there are home activities that can be done to support the in office therapy. Usually, patients have therapy once a week, but if a college student is home for the summer, it is possible to arrange for more sessions per week. Formal progress evaluations are done periodically during therapy.
Dr Wendy C Garson OD Optometrist in McLean